Repair Service


Any broken locks, handles or hinges can be replaced.  We can also rehang and realign windows and deal with draughts or leaks.  We can open windows that are stuck locked, replace the rubber gaskets around the windows or deal with any window problem you may have.


If you’re locked in or locked out we can get that door open again. If your lock has broken we can repair or replace it.  If it’s not locking correctly - especially if you have to force the handle up to turn the key – then it is usually down to alignment and the door just needs rehanging or realigning. We can replace door hinges, letterplates and handles. We can supply and fit new barrels and keys and upgrade to higher security.  We also replace door panels. As with windows, we can also deal with draughts or leaks in doors. If you have any double-glazed door problem we can help.


As well as the above repairs to windows and doors on your conservatory, we can also deal with replacement panels to most conservatory roofs.  The most common calls we get in addition to these are for leaking conservatory roofs.  We can investigate the causes of the leaks and deal with them.